Mathematics in Ancient and Medieval India by A.K.Bag

By A.K.Bag

Heritage of arithmetic in historical and medieval India

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Mathematics in Ancient and Medieval India

Heritage of arithmetic in old and medieval India

Handbook of Geometric Analysis, Vol. 2 (Advanced Lectures in Mathematics No. 13)

Geometric research combines differential equations and differential geometry. a tremendous point is to resolve geometric difficulties via learning differential equations. along with a few recognized linear differential operators similar to the Laplace operator, many differential equations coming up from differential geometry are nonlinear.

Vector Bundles and Complex Geometry

This quantity features a choice of papers from the convention on Vector Bundles held at Miraflores de l. a. Sierra, Madrid, Spain on June 16-20, 2008, which commemorated S. Ramanan on his seventieth birthday. the most parts lined during this quantity are vector bundles, parabolic bundles, abelian forms, Hilbert schemes, touch constructions, index idea, Hodge concept, and geometric invariant concept.

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Xn ) ∈ Rn and f (x) = x1 + ... + xn then Hf = {x ∈ Rn : x1 + ... + xn = 1}. Determine the general form of hyperplanes in Rn containing zero. 5. Give examples of linear functionals in the spaces Fn [t], F[t], C[a, b] and determine the corresponding hyperplanes (cf. 9). 6. Mappings preserving all linear manifolds are called affine transformations. Describe all affine transformations in the spaces R2 and R3 . 7. ,p . ,n Prove that (A + B)T = AT + B T , (tA)T = tAT f or t ∈ F, (AT )T = A, (CA)T = AT C T (cf.

4, det A = det B = − det A which implies 2 det A = 0 and det A = 0. A similar proof holds for rows. 6. A determinant does not change its value if to elements of its column (row) there are added elements of another column (row) multiplied by an arbitrary number c. Proof. anpn = det A + c det A . ,pn } But det A has two identical columns: the jth column and the kth column. 5 together imply that det A = 0. A similar proof holds for rows. A minor determinant of a square matrix A of dimension n is said to be a determinant of A obtained by canceling the same number of columns and rows in A.

The system changes its sign. Systems of linear equations 37 Indeed. , an } = = sign (aj − ak ) sign (ar − as ) sign (aj − ar )sign (ar − ak ) . ,n r=j,k Observe that the interchange of the term aj and the term ak does not change the sign of the last two products. 3). , n. ,n is denoted also in the following way: a11 a det A = 12 ... a1n a21 a22 ... a2n ... an1 ... an2 . ... ann Columns and rows of a determinant det A are, by definition, columns and rows of the matrix A. 1. If n = 1 then det A = |a11 |.

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