Linear and nonlinear finite strip analysis of bridges by Li, Wenchang

By Li, Wenchang

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CHAPTER 2. FINITE STmp METHOD Y2 (m) O 3 6 12 20 30 37 Mcthod a. 2: Longitllclinal Strcsscs in Two SplUl Dox-Girder Dridge 2. Fivc span composite box-girder bridge The briclge is a two-Iane steel-concrete composite box-girder structUl'c and is continllous over five SpI\1lS. There arc two stecl boxes wi th a cMt-in-placc rcinforced concrete cleck. hc bridgc, thc depth of thc webs I\1lcl its typical cross sections. The loacls arc two fivc-axle trucks. 2. 14). 10 terms of the eigenfunction series arc used in the ,lUllLlysis.

Howcver, in any ot,her ensc, it. 4"1(/1). In the computer program, the following valucs \Vere used: Óp = Tr /30li",ar EI = lQ-IO and it is assumed that sin(pli) = O if 1sin(pli) 1< lQ-lO. If the lengths of alI the spans arc not exactly thc samc, but slightly difl'crcnt from each other, then,p = inTr/li is not a solution, and thc sign of A"I(/L) changcs drastically near p = inTr/li, In this case, snmllcr increment,s of Óli lUust hc uscd l :' in order to prevent the possibility of missing modcs. For cxlt1nplc, if ali of thc !

Iol1 Illore straightforw81'd tlmn with the flexibility method. rllllsverse helUns IIml coltlIlllIS. 3). 23) in which EI and GJ arc the flexural and the torsional rigidity of tivelYi NL is the number of longitudinal beams in the strip. It heanl rcspec- CliAPTER 2. FINITE STRIP METHOD 20 (h) TIl

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