Basic Theory and Application of Transistors by Department of the Army

By Department of the Army

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If initially one end of the cable is at the top of the shaft how much work is done in hauling the cable to the top of the shaft? For the first 40 ft of cable a length of 60 ft will be hanging down the shaft, but then for the last 60 ft of cable the force will gradually decrease as more cable is taken up the shaft. Plot this information on a work diagram (see Fig. 3). Force exerted when the cable is the full length of shaft = 6 0 x 1 = 6 0 lbf. Therefore for the first 40 ft the force is uniform at 60 lbf.

Edges. At what angle will the prism fall over? ) 50 ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES FOR ELECTRICAL TECHNICIANS FIG. 5. A square ABCD of 10 in. side has weights of 4 lbf, 3 lbf, 6 lbf, and 5 lbf hung from corners A, B, C, and D respectively. Find the centre of gravity of the system with reference to sides AB and BC. 6. A stepped shaft consists of three coaxial portions. The left-hand portion is 5 in. long and 3 in. diameter, the central portion is 6 in. long and 8 in. diameter and the right-hand portion is 9 in.

Find the tension in the two cords in this case. 19. A beam AB of uniform cross-section is 20 ft long and weighs 500 lbf. A load of 1000 lbf acts downwards 5 ft from A and a load of 750 lbf acts downwards 12 ft from A. Find the supporting forces at A and Β assuming that for the purpose of taking moments the weight of the beam acts midway between the supports. 1. Definition Any solid is made up of hundreds of particles and each particle is attracted towards the centre of the earth by the force of gravity.

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