Basic Electrotechnology by R. A. Ashen

By R. A. Ashen

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The values of Xc and Xh are fixed by the angular frequency of the supplies. With k n o w n supply values, a n d appropriate equations representing other loops in the rest of the circuit (not shown), solution for the currents could be obtained as before. It should be emphasised however, that this phasor technique only applies for sinusoidal supplies with multiple sources, when all sources operate at the same frequency. c. 2(b). F r o m previous considerations it should be evident that the overall impedance of components in series is similarly the sum of the individual component impedances.

8. 8(a) Norton current source (b) operating characteristic represented in either way, one which develops approximately constant terminal voltage irrespective of current drawn is normally considered as a voltage source. Conversely, one which delivers virtually constant current regardless of the load connected to its terminals is regarded as a current source. Voltage sources are more familiar because they are more commonly encountered; current sources not usually being met until semiconductor circuits have been studied.

For this reason, coscp is termed the power factor. e. when V and I are coincident or in phase. 2, or when F a n d / are in quadrature. Power 55 It should be recalled that pure inductors and pure capacitors have quadrature voltage-current relationships under sinusoidal conditions. Hence they have n o mean power associated with them. This is because the power oscillates back and forth in these devices. Energy is stored in the magnetic or electric field respectively on the positive half cycles, and returned to the supply on the negative half cycles.

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