Backbase 4 RIA Development by Ghica van Emde Boas

is placed tells the runtime that it should process whatever we replace this with.

As the Backbase framework takes some overhead to process this HTML, there is a performance advantage to put code that does not require processing by the Client Runtime outside a Backbase area. • The code in a Backbase must adhere to XHTML standards and most importantly, all tags must be properly closed. This can be a source of errors if you are converting an older application where for example and tags are often not closed. Another XHTML violation to watch out for is that attribute values in tags must be enclosed in quotes and all attributes specified must have a value.

Php" bf:destination="id('server-response-area')" bf:mode="appendChild" method="post">

This form is not very interesting, except a few things that are as follows: • Adding a bf:destination attribute to the form will cause the submitted data to be sent asynchronously. Instead of refreshing the complete page, the contents of the response will be put at the defined destination by the Client Runtime, at the div element with ID server-response-area in our example.

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