Assembly Language Programming Organization of the IBM PC by Ytha Yu, Charles Marut

By Ytha Yu, Charles Marut

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A 3... 4B Signed and Unsigned Decimal Interpretations of a Byte Unsigned decimal Hex 00 01 02 Signed decimal 0 09 OA 1 0 1 2 2 9 10 10 9 7E 126 126 7F 127 80 127 128 81 129 -128 ~ -127 FE FF 254 255 -I -2 For OOOOh-7FFFh, signed decimal =unsigned decimal. gne::l decimal= unsigned decimal - 65536. :: For 00h-7Fh, signed decimal= unsigned decimJI. For 80h-FFh, signed decimal = unsigned decimal - 256. 11. Solution: We saw that the unsigned Jecimal interpretation of FEOCh is 65036. fiec;rnse the kading hex digit is Fh, the content is negative in a signed sl·nse.

7 Find the two's complement of 5. Solution: From above, one's complement of 5 = 11111I1111111010 '+'l. ~~~~~~~~--~~~~~~--'- ... two's wmplcmcnt of 5 = 11111111111110! _~_~1_111_1_1 _1_j~ll_l 1OOOOOUUUC >UUOOOUO We end up with a 17-bil number. IJit result is 0. lph:mcnt add up to 0, the two's complcml'nt of s· inust L>e a corrl'Ct rcprc,ent;;tion ui -5. any itlll·ger N Jllll\l repre~ent -N: Aud111~- N and it' 011a:·~ LOmplemcnl gi\·t'\ J6 ones; adding 1 to this produces I(, Zl'l'P\ with a 1 c:;:uried out Jlld lmt.

Some meinory locations have special meaning for the processor. For example, the first kilobyte (00000 to 003FFh) is used for interrupt vectors. Other memory locations are reserved by IBM for special purposes, such as for BIOS routines and video display memory. The display memory holds the data that are being displayed on the monitor. :- To show the memory map of the IBM PC, it is useful to partition the memory into disjoint segments. We start with segment 0, which ends at location OFFFFh, so the next disjoint s~gment would begin at lOOOOh = 1000:0000.

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