Arduino Development Cookbook by Cornel Amariei

By Cornel Amariei

Over 50 hands-on recipes to speedy construct and comprehend Arduino tasks, from the best to the main extraordinary

About This Book

  • Get fast, transparent tips on all of the precept elements of integration with the Arduino
  • Learn the instruments and parts had to construct enticing electronics with the Arduino
  • Make the main of your board via useful assistance and tricks

Who This e-book Is For

If you need to construct programming and electronics tasks that have interaction with the surroundings, this publication will give you dozens of recipes to lead you thru all of the significant purposes of the Arduino platform. it really is meant for programming or electronics fanatics who are looking to mix the simplest of either worlds to construct interactive projects.

What you'll Learn

  • Read info from sensors and take motion in keeping with the environment
  • Use the Arduino to show on lighting, write to displays, or play mild shows
  • Manipulate vehicles and different actuators to regulate the stream of alternative objects
  • Set up digital circuits on a breadboard to have interaction with the Arduino
  • Explore hacks to push your venture to the following level
  • Make your tasks instant and lead them to speak with the computer

In Detail

The single-chip computing device board Arduino is small in dimension yet massive in scope, able to getting used for digital initiatives from robotics via to domestic automation. the preferred embedded platform on this planet, Arduino clients diversity from university childrens to specialists, all incorporating it into their designs.

Arduino improvement Cookbook includes transparent and step by step recipes that provide the toolbox of thoughts to build any Arduino venture, from the straightforward to the complex. every one bankruptcy provides extra crucial construction blocks for Arduino improvement, from studying approximately programming buttons via to working vehicles, handling sensors, and controlling monitors. all through, you can find counsel and tips to assist you troubleshoot your improvement difficulties and push your Arduino venture to the subsequent level!

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Working with Buttons Introduction Connecting a button Getting ready How to do it… Schematic Code How it works… Code breakdown There's more… Pull-up configuration Multiple buttons See also Button with no resistor Getting ready How to do it… Schematic Code How it works… Code breakdown There's more… Multiple buttons See also The toggle switch Getting ready How to do it… Schematic Code How it works… Code breakdown There's more… See also Button to serial Getting ready How to do it… Code How it works… Code breakdown There's more… Button debouncing Getting ready How to do it… Code How it works… Code breakdown See also 1,000 buttons to 1 pin Getting ready How to do it… Schematic Code How it works… Code breakdown There's more… More buttons Finding each button Pressing multiple buttons See also Button multiplexing Getting ready How to do it… Schematic Code How it works… Code breakdown There's more… More buttons See also 4.

We need to identify which pin represents which color and which pin is the common one. The following graphic explains just that: Connect 5V to the common anode (+) of the RGB LED. Connect each remaining pin on each resistor to an individual PWM pin on the Arduino. Some RGB LEDs are a common cathode (-) configuration. In this case, connect the cathode (-) to GND. Schematic This is one possible implementation using a common anode (+) RGB LED on the PWM, pins 9, 10, and 11: Here is one way of wiring everything on the breadboard: Code The following code will make the RGB LED change a few colors: // Declare the PWM LED pins int redLED = 9; int greenLED = 10; int blueLED = 11; void setup() { // Declare the pins for the LED as Output pinMode(redLED, OUTPUT); pinMode(greenLED, OUTPUT); pinMode(blueLED, OUTPUT); } // A simple function to set the level for each color from 0 to 255 void setColor(int redValue, int greenValue, int blueValue){ analogWrite(redLED, 255 - redValue); analogWrite(greenLED, 255 - greenValue); analogWrite(blueLED, 255 - blueValue); } void loop(){ // Change a few colors setColor(255, 0, 0); // Red Color delay(500); setColor(0, 255, 0); // Green Color delay(500); setColor(0, 0, 255); // Blue Color delay(500); setColor(255, 255, 0); // Yellow delay(500); setColor(0, 255, 255); // Cyan delay(500); setColor(255, 0, 255); // Magenta delay(500); setColor(255, 255, 255); // White delay(500); } Tip If the RGB LED is connected to different PWM pins, simply change the values of redLED, greenLED, and blueLED to the values of the pins that have been used.

Simply use the digitalWrite() functions and we can still obtain seven colors from the LED. LED bar graph We all hate progress bars! They are always delaying us from doing something. But in the Arduino world they can be very handy. Here, we will see how to build one with LEDs. An LED bar graph is just a bunch of LEDs put together in a fancy case, but there are many uses for it. We can display the date from a sensor, show a critical condition, or make a funny light show with it. 1,000 ohm How to do it?

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