Archery : steps to success by Kathleen Haywood

By Kathleen Haywood

A advisor to getting to know the talents, innovations, and methods required to shoot competently, continuously, and effectively. revolutionary guide with accompanying photographs comprises ninety three routines for every part of the shot--stance, draw, goal, unlock, and follow-through--for recurve and compound bows.

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2. 5 cm) over the standard 28 inches (71 cm). 5 cm) under the standard 28 inches (71 cm). ) Your score_____ 7 Archery: Steps to Success Choosing Arrows Using arrows of proper length is absolutely critical from a safety perspective. Drawing an arrow past the arrow rest can be dangerous, and this situation is likely to happen if the arrow is too short for your draw length. On the other hand, an arrow that is too long does not fly well. 3. 5 cm) longer than your draw length. 3 Fitting Arrows 1. 5 cm) to draw length.

Most righthanded archers choose to shoot right-handed, using the left hand to hold the bow and the right hand to pull the bowstring. Certainly, right-handed archers with a dominant right eye should shoot right-handed, and left-handed archers with a dominant left eye should shoot left-handed. If you are cross dominant, which means that you are right-handed but left-eye dominant, or vice versa, you have a choice to make. Here is why. An archer tends to line up the dominant eye with the target when aiming, but the most natural shooting form is to look down the shaft of the arrow to aim, that is to aim with the eye on the same side as the string hand.

If the opening is in front of both eyes, you simply need to repeat with a smaller opening. 2 Fitting Equipment An alternative method is to assume the same position, but instead of moving your hands toward your face, keep your arms extended. With both eyes open, center the bull’s-eye in the opening, and then close your left eye. If the bull’s-eye or object remains in view, your right eye is dominant. If not, your left eye is dominant. Success Check • Keep the opening in your hands about the size of a nickel.

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