Aquarium Making by Mundy Obilor Jim

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In other words, goldfish have high oxygen needs and their high waste output makes these bowls inappropriate environment for them. 1 – A simple aquarium design containing three air-powered accessories. 1. A single airpump is meant to aerate three accessories: an external filter (1), a decoration (2) and a long airstone (3) via a cross-connector. A combination of stones, gravel and sand is part of the design. This aquarium has three artificial plants. The red thin lines from the cross-connector are a representation of the airhose.

Natural fresh water is good for use in aquariums but there is the danger of the water containing parasites and diseases. Tap water which is the most available in many urban areas contains dissolved chlorine which could be harmful to fish when used immediately; but when aerated or even stored and exposed for about 24 hours, it matures for use as most of the chlorine would have dissipated. Rain water is great and is probably the purest form of natural water. It is basically clean and well-oxygenated but may be polluted by chemicals in the atmosphere or by the collecting containers.

It starts with the make-up of an aquarium in chapter 1. Chapter 2 renders several crucial tips while chapter 3 dwells on feeding and gives some tips on breeding. No one will ignore the challenges or common problems and diseases associated with keeping an aquarium and these are treated in chapter 4. The most commonly kept aquarium pet, the goldfish gets chapter 5 and finally in chapter 6, a step-by step approach in setting up an aquarium is outlined; and this will help those who just want to set up an aquarium right away.

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