Appunti di filosofia by Gustavo Bontadini

By Gustavo Bontadini

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9 But such disagreement on various specific points did not prevent a generally strong interest in Pythagorean philosophy, to which Campanella had dedicated a poem in his youth – the loss of which is to be greatly regretted. At Naples, he participated in the Academy of the Awakened (Accademia degli Svegliati), which soon thereafter in 1593 was closed by the Spanish authorities. The Academy counted among its members Ascanio Pignatelli, Paolo Regio, and Iacopo da Gaeta and had been founded (and then led) by Giulio Cortese, a learned man 8 On Ferrante Imperato (circa 1550-1631), author of Dell’historia naturale (Naples, 1599), see Enrica Stendardo, Ferrante Imperato.

Il giovane Campanella (Rome, 2002); for the unsuccessful escape, see Giacomo Moro, ‘Documenti veneti su Campanella e sul processo per la fallita evasione,’ B&C, 15 (2009), pp. 463–487. 58 59 3. The Palace of Atlas Dogmas and Politics In October 1594, the suspects entered the prison of the Holy Office, where the famous philosopher Giordano Bruno and the Florentine heretic Francesco Pucci were already being held. Colantonio Stigliola, whom Campanella had already encountered in Naples, would also later be brought there.

See Luigi Firpo, ‘La proibizione delle Opere di Campanella,’ in Processi, p. 318; the letter is in Amabile, Congiura, I, p. 61 32 Syntagma, I, 2, p. , p. 38. 34 The date suggested by Firpo, Processi, pp. 62, oscillates between two alternatives: the end of 1592 and the beginning of 1593. But Firpo appears to have preferred the latter. 35 Designated the ‘second trial’ (in which he was absolved), the true nature of the episode is quite uncertain. Of the incident we have only one report from Campanella himself, who alluded to it in two passages in letters written years later (in 1607) with expressions that strike one not so much for their understandable reticence as for the embarrassment and the weakness of the arguments that he used in his own defense.

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