Analysis of Electrical Machines by Richard T. Smith (Auth.)

By Richard T. Smith (Auth.)

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To do this, we first must be confident of a method for calculating magnetic field energy when no motion takes place. For no motion, electrical input from source e— energy loss in R+ increase in stored magnetic field energy. 1) we see that the magnetic field energy is calculated by measuring the area to the left of the \f/ versus / curve, for any given x. Let us assume that at the time / = 0 the relay system is in condition / = I and x — K, corresponding to point a, and that the relay is then closing from t = 0 to t — T, during which time the \p versus / curve traces out the heavy line between a and b.

35 meters. 20. Shown is a new invention. Investigate the energy conversion possibilities of this creation. 21. For the figure below, let self-inductances be L and L . inductance L = Msin#. Resistances are r and r . a af a f f Mutual 54 Analysis of Electrical Machines If i —yf2I cos cot and 6 — vt + 8 where v is a constant, a a a) find an expression for i in terms of the L, r parameters, co, v, 8, 7 , and J. b) Find an expression for torque in the same terms. f a c) Investigate the average torque for various speeds.

A transformer has three windings on the same core. Load impedance 3 + j4 is on winding 3; |/ | = 10; e, = 10/0°; /, = 3 0 / 3 0 ° ; #, = 100, and N =500. Find the phasor voltage and current of each winding. r 2 ? 18. For a certain electromagnet, the relation among current, plunger position, and flux linkages has been experimentally found to be where a, b, and d are positive constants. Derive an expression for the force applied to the plunger by the electrical system. 19. 0 amps. 20 meters and is assumed to vary linearly with x.

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