Alternative Krishnas: Regional And Vernacular Variations On by Guy L. Beck

By Guy L. Beck

Going past the traditional depictions of Krishna within the epics, this booklet makes use of nearby and vernacular resources to provide quite a lot of Krishna traditions.

Krishna—widely honored and loved within the Hindu tradition—is a deity of many features. An historical manifestation of the very best God Vishnu, or the Godhead itself, Krishna is the bringer of Yoga philosophy and the writer of the universe, the destroyer of evil tyrants, and the hero of the epic Mahabharata. he's additionally defined in classical Sanskrit texts as having human features and having fun with very human targets: Krishna is the butter thief, cowherd, philanderer, and flute participant. but even those playful depictions are established upon descriptions present in the Sanskrit canon, and commonly mirror regular, classical Pan-Indian images.

In this e-book, members learn the choice, or unconventional, Krishnas, supplying examples from extra localized Krishna traditions present in assorted areas between numerous ethnic teams, vernacular language traditions, and distant branches of Indian religions. those wide-ranging, substitute visions of Krishna comprise the Tantric Krishna of Bengal, Krishna in city women's rituals, Krishna as monogamous husband and more youthful brother in Braj, Krishna in Jainism, Krishna in Marathi culture, Krishna in South India, and the Krishna of nineteenth-century reformed Hinduism.

“The complete quantity deals a consi-derable spectrum of a variety of lesser-known kinds of Krishna bhakti awarded from assorted study views. it truly is an informative addition to reports in widely conceived Vaishnavism and non secular traditions.” —  Acta Orientalia Vilnensia

“…Guy Beck has … provid[ed] a superbly produced quantity with a few interesting learn papers offering ‘regional and vernacular diversifications on a Hindu deity’ … [he] has performed a good carrier by means of amassing and soliciting splendidly wealthy and numerous articles.” — Indo-Iranian Journal

"Surely, there are few, if any, deities extra primary and significant to Hinduism than Krishna. This quantity provides very important voices to our knowing of this Hindu deity, a true and extremely major accomplishment." — Jeffrey J. Kripal, writer of Roads of extra, Palaces of knowledge: Eroticism and Reflexivity within the examine of Mysticism

Contributors contain Jerome H. Bauer, man L. Beck, Glen Alexander Hayes, June McDaniel, Anne E. Monius, Christian Lee Novetzke, Tracy Pintchman, Valerie Ritter, and A. Whitney Sanford.

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