Akin On the Conservation of Force

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4. The small reduction in calorific value of coal during the transition from smokeless steam coal to anthracite (methane has a calorific 28 SOLID FUELS [5] value of ca. /lb, which is far greater than the maximum value of any pure coal, viz. /lb). 3 USE OF "PURE-COAL" BASIS IN COAL TERMINOLOGY Because of the varying proportions of water and inorganic matter in commercial varieties of coal, it is usual, when dealing with fundamental issues, to refer all data and observations to the "pure-coal" substance (sometimes called the "organic" portion of coal, or the "dry-mineral matter-free" portion).

3. M. M. = 0-233647/ — 0-02706C + 2-579, for anthracites. (4) 4. V. M. V. from equations (1) to (6) 1. M. , „ ±25 cal/g 2. : calculated value too low by 2-13% to 8-38% For dull coals, the smaller differences between calculated and determined values relate to the penological types known as grey durains: the larger differences relate to the types known as black durains. M. M. M. M. calculated from equation (3), assuming that the coal is a bright coal. (Vitrain) u USE OF SEYLER'S CHART (cf. Data Sheet No.

Such a formation of stratified coal seams and sedimentary rocks is known as a Coal Measure. 22 SOLID [5] FUELS AGE OF COAL MEASURES Geological System Approximate Mean Age, in years Era Period Upper Paleozoic Carboniferous Permian 250 X 10 210 X 10 Mesozoic Triassic Jurassic Cretaceous 180 X 10 150 X 10 100 X 10 Tertiary Quaternary Bituminous coals, carbonaceous coals and anthracites 6 6 Bituminous Bituminous Sub-bituminous and bituminous 6 6 6 Eocene 60 x 10 6 Oligocene Miocene 40 X 20 X 10 10 6 1 X 10 Pleistocene Rank of Coals Formed 6 6 Lignites and subbituminous Lignites Lignites Peat only APPROXIMATE PERCENTAGES OF CARBON A N D HYDROGEN IN THE ABOVE RANKS OF COAL (pure coal basis) Anthracites Carbonaceous Bituminous Sub-bituminous Lignites Carbon % Hydrogen % 93-95 91-93 80-91 75-80 60-75 3-8-2-8 4-25-3-8 5-6-4-25 5-6-5-1 5-7-5-0 THE CHANGE FROM FOREST DEBRIS TO PEAT The principal chemical components of trees, such as were the parents of forest peats and coals, with their average ultimate analyses and probable empirical formulae are shown in the table on page 23.

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