Afro-Bets Book of Colors: Meet the Color Family by Margery Brown, Culverson Blair

By Margery Brown, Culverson Blair

Publication by means of Brown, Margery

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I’ll . ” Piper stammered, splitting at the seams from the effort it took to restrain herself. No matter which way she turned, she couldn’t get away from his nastiness and her patience was wearing thinner than thin. “I’ll—” Piper touched her wood bird, which instantly made her remember to take a deep breath and count to ten. “Just like I thought. ” Conrad looked ready to explode. Violet grabbed Piper by the arm and pulled her away from Conrad. “Piper, c’mon. Dr. Hellion’s just brought Bella. ” Violet pointed to where Bella was surrounded by the others, and Piper was startled to see that Bella looked nothing like she remembered.

He’s up to something, that much is certain. ” THE DORMITORY was on the third tier of the thirteenth level and each student had their own room. Piper’s room was toward the very end of the hallway and was a cozy retreat. A fluffy down duvet rested on a cushy bed. The small corner desk held a shiny, white computer above which rested shelves of books deemed by Professor Mumbleby as suitable for the development of young minds. Pictures of trees and forests and brightly colored flowers completed an overall cheerful and incredibly inviting effect.

Don’t worry, though, not all of us do big, scary things like them. See that kid over there? ” Violet nodded her head in the direction of Jasper. ” “Voice down. Don’t attract attention,” Violet warned. Piper put her eyes back on her basket and listened more closely. “That’s Jasper. He’s the youngest. No one knows what he can do. ” Piper looked at Jasper in amazement. She’d sure love to solve that mystery. ” Piper nodded at Conrad. ” Violet’s fingers accidentally snapped the twig she was twisting into place on her basket and Piper couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that she also shrank several inches.

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