Abdominal radiology for the small animal practitioner by Judith A. Hudson

By Judith A. Hudson

Symptoms for radiography... ideas for higher radiographs... general anatomy... irregular opacities... roentgen symptoms of belly masses... lay-flat binding for sensible use within the health facility.

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Consider the possibility of a ruptured hollow organ. ✓ Emergency exploratory surgery may be indicated. Radiographic (Roentgen) Signs of Extraluminal Gas 1. Larger Amounts (Figures 2-8 and 3-6) ♥ May see gas between diaphragm and liver; holding the dog on his hind legs for 5 minutes before taking the radiograph will improve the chance of seeing that gas. , triangles, etc) rather than the rounded shapes (ovals, circles) that are seen with intraluminal gas. ✓ Serosal surfaces will seem brighter and more obvious because of increased contrast.

Com Figure 3-7 A A. Lateral view of a dog hit by a car 3 days prior. Serosal surfaces are more visible than usual (arrows). B. A film was exposed using a horizontal beam with the dog in right lateral recumbency (although left lateral recumbency is preferred to avoid confusion with the gastric fundus). F: gastric fundus. G: gas between the liver and abdominal wall. B Decreased Peritoneal Opacity–Fat Causes of Abnormal Fat Opacities ✓ Obesity ✓ Neoplasms (lipoma, liposarcoma) Radiographic (Roentgen) Signs ✓ Abnormal fat accumulations will be seen as an area of decreased opacity (Figure 3-8).

Serosal detail is poor because of enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes. The sublumbar lymph nodes are also enlarged. M: root of the mesentery; SLLN:sublumbar lymph nodes; Sp:spleen. com 51 A Figure 4-11 A 9-year old Boxer with a single enlarged mesenteric lymph node secondary to hemangiosarcoma. The spleen was normal at surgery but there was marked involvement of the mesenteric vesB sels. A. Lateral view. The mass pushes the intestines cranially, dorsally, and caudally. B. Ventrodorsal view. The mass occupies most of the abdomen.

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